Hulakai damaged coral reef

Boat Hulakai ran aground on coral reef
Sailboat Hulakai ran aground on coral reef

The sailboat Hulakai broke from its mooring and ran aground on top of coral reef in the Kawaihae Harbor as seen this afternoon. Unfortunately, the reef inside the harbor is rich with coral colonies and is much more healthier than on the outside. The boat grounded itself in the shallowest part of the reef  ranging from  1 ft-6 ft underwater at low tide.  HulaKai was seen with its owners struggling to free it by using its engine, which means more coral damage from the propellers.  Its mast broke and was left where the boat came to rest after being dragged across the reef by high winds continued from yesterday.  We will have to find out the extent of damage to the reef. A swimmer already confirmed broken corals.

Broken mast on reef

Broken mast on reef

Broken mast on reef
Broken mast on reef

Harbor security personnel filed a report and contacted the Harbor Master. He is to contact DLNR.

Coral colonies as seen in the vicinity of the grounding dated 2014

5.13.2014 healthy coral
5.13.2014 healthy coral


Some Contact Information:

Kawaihae Facilities
Mia Akau-laclair, Harbor Agent ii
Mailing Address: Honokohau small boat harbor
74-380 Kealakehe Parkway, Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i 96740-2704
ph: (808) 327-3685 fax: (808) 327-3675


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