May 2016 water temperature so far is warmer then May 2015

I suspected that the water temperature for the Kawaihae Reef and Harbor area during April and May 2016 is warmer than last year’s. NOAA Water Temperature Graphs below indicated that there are more days in May 2016 where the temperature is above 80°F already, with multiple days of peak temperature of 81.9°F as compared to last years’. The exception was when the temperature reached a high of 82.2°F on 5.51.15 at 16:00. We are in mid May 2016, so the tally of May 2016 is inconclusive.

4.1.15 to 5.19.15
water temperature from 4.1.15-5.31.15
4.1.16 to 5.19.16
water temperature 4.1.16 to 5.19.16

Minor bleaching of Cauliflower Coral colonies is observed at Mauna Kea Beach on May 15, 2015


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