kawaihae reef coral bleaching recovery

In over a month since 11.11.15 to 12.20.15, these mound coral colonies have almost fully recovered from a global coral bleaching event 2015. The water temperature has cooled from a high of 88.3F  at 15:42 on September 12,2015 to a cool 76.2 F at 9:00 on December 20,2015. Other mound coral colonies in the area are still 100% bleached, but the ones making the recovery are well on there way. I did observe some of the cauliflower colonies that were hardest hit with 98-99% bleached are almost completely recovered. They have their bright colors back. Though, I do not have a good sense to the extend of their recovery at this area. I will survey an area i photographed earlier for comparison.

mound coral recovery 12.20.15 -2
mound coral recovery 12.20.15 -2
mound coral 11.11.15

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