coral recovery monitor from 11.11.15

Update 1.08.16

Water temperature 77.9F. These two colonies appears to be 99-100% recovered. Others are still bleached here and there. Some smaller colonies are taking longer to recover.

mound coral recovery 1.08.16
mound coral recovery 1.08.16

Updated 12.30.15

Water temperature 78.8F. Certainly more and more recovery across the reef. Some colonies are still bleached white, but recovery is progressing.

mound coral recovery 12.30.15
mound coral recovery 12.30.15

Updated 12.20.15

More improvements. other mound coral colonies in the area are still completely bleached, but these are improving nicely.

mound coral recovery 12.20.15
mound coral recovery 12.20.15

Updated 12.14.15

Water temperature 78F

mound coral recovery 12.14.15
mound coral recovery 12.14.15

Updated 12.6.15

Water temperature 78.8F . More recovery progress.

mound coral recovery 12.6.15
mound coral recovery 12.6.15

Updated 11.25.15

Water temperature 80F. Mound coral recovery are progressing. Other corals that have not died, with algae growing surface, are showing small brown areas that are more saturated in color.

detail of recovery on mound coral 11.25.15
coral recovery
mound coral recovery status 11.25.15
mound coral 11.18.15
mound coral 11.11.15

Water temperature 81.5F . Comparison of recovery on these two mound coral colonies. There is more greenish brown at the upper right of the kidney-shaped colony on the left and foreground. These photographs were made seven days apart. Elsewhere, small signs of recovery are noted, however, the percentage of coral death is large. Corals that are covered with green algae and dark brown are likely to be dead.


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